Includes eight unique arrangements sent throughout the year. (free delivery within 15 miles of Lulu's Petals.)


Choose two important dates and 4 holidays for the year. Two bouquets will be sent radomly throughout the year on the dates of Lulus petals choosing.


The two special occasion bouquets will be vauled over $100.


Enjoy the Following Membership Benefits: The luxury of extra time enjoy life's moments with the people you care about most. The peace of mind that those same people will feel both loved and appreciated by you. The feeling of freedom from not having to think about and shop for the perfect gift. The benefits of being viewed as the most thoughtful and generous man who ever lived.

Generous Gentlemens Club subscription

Price Options
$50.00monthly/ 12 months
  • Your date of deilvery can be changed with a 48 hour notice.